Jason Goodman accused of stalking by Deep NSA affiliate Mari "Sugar" Shine of Mesa, Arizona

Updated: Jul 21


New allegations have surfaced by Mesa, Arizona resident Mari "Sugar" Shine about alleged physical stalking activities by Jason Goodman. Apparently, Mr. Goodman was only a mile away from "Sugar Shines" apartment while he recorded video podcasts about her U.S. Post Office mailbox address.

Additionally, it has been revealed that "Sugar Shine" has become an apparent affiliate of Deep NSA, aka Korean BBQ, of the Fort Meade area in Maryland. In an uncanny turn of events, it appears that Deep NSA, Korean BBQ, has secured an address within the neighborhood of "Sugar Shine". These actions has fueled rumors that both women, children of millionaire deep state business executives with heavy ties to the U.S. Department of Defense, have formed some kind of alliance.

Two years ago, the Internet was a buzz with rumors that Deep NSA may have contributed to the death of Jenny "Task Force" Moore, a pedophile investigator working with YouTube journalist George Webb. These rumors were fueled by Deep NSA's snooping into the background of Task Force to discover her real name -- unknown until a reverse telephone look-up revealed it was Jenny Marie Moore. This telephone look-up was completed only six days before the discovery of the bruised and apparently beaten body of Jenny Moore -- in the same hotel occupied by George Webb and his girl friend, a week-end guest.

Interestingly, Mari "Sugar Shine" is the mother of a U.S. Coast Guardsman stationed in Cleveland, Ohio. This is eerie as Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ, is allegedly under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service for providing access to military installations for George Webb to produce podcasts. Rumors are circulating that George Webb was actually filming sensitive military weapons by obtaining access to the Naval Air Test Center, Paxtuxent River, Maryland. Deep NSA is also an alleged "source" and/or "affiliate" for Jason Goodman.

Above: U.S. Coast Guard activities in Cleveland,Ohio

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